About Us

Hoops form an intrinsic role in bringing hand embroidered creations to life. Anything that is ‘hoop-able’ is ‘embroiderable’. At Hoopables®, the minions are on a quest to explore the hoop-able and share it with the world.

Our mission is to create and let create one-of-a-kind art that brings joy to the maker and receiver just the same.

Our embroidered makes are handcrafted by uber talented artists located across India.

  • Anupama

    Founder, Artist &

    Chief of Everything at Hoopables

  • Stella

    Embroidery Artist

  • Aswathy

    Embroidery Artist

  • Minnu

    Embroidery Artist

  • Maha

    Embroidery Artist

  • Mary

    Embroidery Artist

  • Mrinalini

    Social Media & Customer Support

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