This is one of the most frequently asked questions about hoop stands.

In my store, these are the varieties offered:

1- Table holder

2- Seat Stand/ Table Top

3- All in one Stand

4- Slate Frame

All of the stands are made to order (with an approx. making time of 5- 10 days) and comes with a 360° rotatable head. This makes it easier for you to tie knots when you embroider.

All stands except the Slate Frame can hold hoops of sizes 3" to 25" diameter

Consider these aspects before you choose your stand:

- Where are you most comfortable embroidering? - (On the floor, chair, near a table etc.)

- The level or portability you desire (whether you move a lot)

- The kind of embroidery you do (on hoops/ big surfaces like clothing)

Read on for detailed explanation:

1- Table holder

As the name specifies, this stand would work best if you tend to work mostly beside a table. The stand has to be fixed on a sturdy surface (max. 2.5" thick).

This particular hoop holder can be extended to a maximum height of 15" and the angles are quite adjustable.

Would not be the best choice if:

- You are someone who tends to shift your embroidering spots often (especially to places that do not involve table-like flat surfaces)

- You need more flexibility

2- Seat Stand

The seat stand (aka the table top stand) is a beginner's favorite.

You may either choose to sit on it OR keep it on top of any sturdy surface (like a table top), depending on your comfort.

With a weight of about 1.5 kgs it is light and portable. Suitable if you are on a budget.

A seat stand can be assembled in multiple ways.

Not the best choice if:

- If you are looking for a bed side stand/ like to work while sitting on bed. (especially if the surface is squishy)

Dimensions: Base- 6x12"

Height -up to 14"

We also have a variant with a mobile holder for easy video making


3 - All in one stand

The all in one stand is our best seller for all the right reasons. Incorporating the qualities of both the seat stand and the floor stand, this one’s got too many fans.

This stand offers maximum flexibility owing to its number of joints- which means, you can legit start embroidering anywhere.

Not the best choice if:

- Never mind, you can never go wrong with this one :D

- Dimensions: Base - 12 x 8.5 inches

- Height: up to 3 feet

4- Slate Frame

The slate frame is more like a modern twist to the traditional Aari Cot. With 360° rotation, tying knots at the back while working on longer fabrics is a cake walk. While it can accommodate fabric width of only about 20 inches, there is no limit for the length. The two horizontal rods help roll in any length of fabric to your comfort.

Ideal for working on bigger projects

Not the best choice if:

- You work on smaller pieces of fabric or hoops

- you are looking for something portable

- you are looking for something that does not take up space

- Dimensions: 20 x 16 inches

- Height : upto 3 ft

5- Aari Cot and Stand

This is a traditional Aari Cot and Stand, best suited if you are working on very large projects (Sarees for instance). The fabric will have to be sewn to the sides before you start to work.

Dimensions: 4 ft x 3 ft

Height: 3 ft

Hope this post was helpful. Comment down below if you have questions.

Note: Customization options such as the shade of wood and shape of base (in case of or ) will be updated depending on availability. If you require them in custom sizes, please send an email or use the chat option on this website and let us know.

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